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New Storm Profiles: Smarter and Stronger!

Space saving stormprofiles

Storm profiles ensure more rigidity of the door blade in wider doors or in areas with strong winds. From now on new Compact doors will be delivered with new storm profiles. The new storm profiles do not only look different, they are even stronger than the old ones.

The new storm profiles are made of anodized aluminum and offer more stability with less space. In addition, the new profiles will give the door a sleeker look. The old profiles were made of bent steel and protruded farther than the new ones.

Additional advantages of the new profiles is that the door package fits within the dimensions of the folding plates. As a result, no additional space is needed and box braces can be installed without the extension. Before, these extensions were necessary to allow the panels to fold up.

Moreover, the new storm profiles can be installed both on the inside and the outside of the sectional door. In the case of external installation, the profiles used to be visible on the outside of the building or room. The new profiles however, can be installed on the inside, to reinforce the door without disturbing the façade design.

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