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Technical drawings

Download Technical drawings

Compact door with SIDE MOTOR. If there is sufficient space at the side of the doorway (320mm)

Side motor Autocad  Side motor Autocad

Side motor PDF  Side motor PDF

Compact door with TOP MOTOR. If there is insufficient space at the side and enough space above the doorway.

Top motor Autocad  Top motor Autocad

Top motor PDF  Top motor PDF

Compact door with FRONT MOTOR. If there is insufficient space at the side and above the doorway

Front motor Autocad  Front motor Autocad

Front motor PDF  Front motor PDF

Fascia panel above the doorway

Door panel Autocad  Door panel Autocad

Door panel JPG  Door panel JPG

SIDE DOOR. Door next to the Compact door in same execution

Side door clearance PDF  Side door clearance PDF


Side door opening DXF  Side door opening DXF 

Side door front view PDF  Side door front view PDF


Side door front view DXF  Side door front view DXF

Side door installation PDF  Side door installation PDF


Side door installation DXF  Side door installation DXF

Side door sealing PDF  Side door sealing PDF


Side door sealing DXF  Side door sealing DXF

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